Problem z operatorem komorkowym ID

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Wt 20 wrz, 2016 21:19

Napewno jest od tego jakis Ombudsman. Nie wiem ktory konkretnie, ale zadzwon do ktorego kolwiek i Cie przekieruja do odpowiedniego.

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Pn 07 lis, 2016 22:57

Chcialbym Was poinformowac w jakie bagno wrzucil mnie operator ID.
Wiec tak. Dostalem telefon z agencji debetowej ze wciagnieto mnie na liste dluznikow poniewaz ID wyslalo moje dane mimo tego ze dochodzenie jest nadal w toku a to juz prawie 3 miesiace.
2 tyg temu wyslalem do nich list polecony (kopia listu ponizej) na ktory do dzisiaj nikt nie odpowiedzial.
Za pomoca strony CreditExpert sprawdzilem co z moja historia kredykowa i powiem Wam ze jest tragedia...337punktow-Very poor
Dzieki ID mobile widnieje tam jako DELINQUENT-przestepca.
Nie mam pojecia i nie wiem co mam dalej z tym zrobic i jak wyczyscic moja historie kredytowa.


I would like to express the absolute dissatisfaction with the conduct of my case
which I have started on 14.02.2016 when I have informed you ,by calling ID calling
centre (customer service) to cancel my Sim only contract and closing my account
with the number 10264209.
During this conversation customer assistant has confirmed that my contract will be
canceled in the next 30 days which will happen approximately on 15th of March. In
May I have cancelled Direct Debit assuming that since I have called in February I
am not obligated to pay anything else.
Unfortunately on the end of August 2016 I have received the letter from you calling
for the payment of £ 60 thereby revealing the fact that my account is still active.
On 05.09.2016, using your official complain page ,which I have found on ... -procedure I let myself to
write to iD the letter informing that I have cancelled the contract long time ago,
giving you details.
From this moment I kept receiving answers to the emails which I was sending
continuously. Please see attached emails and also please notice that the number of
people giving me the answers is absolutely unprofessional and proofs that my case
was not taken care the way it should be.
These are the names of people who continuously were giving me hope that my case
is under investigation:
1.Rafiek Smith - iD Customer Services
2.Numaan Daniels - iD Mobile Customer Services
3.Malicka Abrahams - iD Customer Services
4.Herschelle Williams - iD Customer Services
5.Suroor Solomon - iD Customer Services
So far it has been a month since I have sent the first letter and my case is still not
Would you please also tell me why my case was passed to C.A.R.S since is under
investigation ? I think that it is against the law ?
Would you please let me know why I have been asked in email about my personal
data saying ...’’ Due to the Data Protection Act, can you kindly confirm the following
details as it is not attached in the below mail:
- Full name and surname
- Full address including your post code
- Date of birth
- Name of bank (as registered on the account)
- Mobile number
Why I have been asking about personal detales since I have give you my Account
number and telephone number.
I have asked you, in one of the emails, to send me specification of usage of my
number 07402238185. I wanted to proof that I was calling you on 14.02.2016.
Yes, I have received the answer but email was not having attached invoices I was
asking for even if was saying...’’ I have attached the requested invoices that will
reflect in PDF form. Instead of Invoices I have received a list of amounts which were
supposed to be paid each month.
I have been your client not for the first time. I was canceling previous contract
without any problem and it was also by the phone. I don’t understand what
happened this time and why my request of canceling and closing my account , the
number 10264209 ,was not dealt properly.
Definitely I do not feel guilty and definitely I do not feel obligated to pay £60.
Because of all what I have said above I am asking iD Mobile Ltd about prompt
answer to my complain. The whole case is dragging too long and I am preparing
myself to pass the complain to Telecommunications Ombudsman Scheme.

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