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Free Advanced English Classes in South Shields

PostNapisane: Pn 23 lis, 2015 14:38
przez joa78
Are you interested in Advanced English class?

Crest is offering free Advanced English class for adults starting in January 2016.

(For intermediate and higher levels’ students)

• Increasing verbal and written fluency
• Conversation skills
• Grammar refreshing
• Business English
• Preparing for Proficiency test

Please come to Crest for induction meeting on Monday 30th of November from 6.00 until 7.00pm
and find out more.

Contact us now.
Book a place and keep in touch.

Tel: 0191 427 66 11

Crest, Unit 7,
Waverley Business Park,
Market Dock, South Shields
NE33 1LE